Our work includes a diverse portfolio of projects designed to serve the public and achieve measurable results. They include:


Rigorous, nonpartisan, and evidence-based research is the foundation upon which all of our work rests. Pew’s research projects include data analysis, public opinion surveys and support for biomedical and marine science.


Pew works in close collaboration with organizations that share our commitment to rigorous research, measurable results, and public service. We value these collaborations and benefit from the support, knowledge, and advice we receive from our partners. These diverse projects bring resources, energy, and expertise to Pew; provide new perspectives and insights as our work moves forward; and offer valuable lessons from the experiences of organizations with a proven record of solving problems.

One example is the Blue Nature Alliance, a global partnership founded and led by Conservation International, The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Global Environment Facility, Minderoo Foundation, and the Rob & Melani Walton Foundation. The Alliance seeks to safeguard global ocean biodiversity, build resilience to climate change, promote human well-being, and enhance ecosystem connectivity and function.

Technical Assistance

Pew provides technical assistance to help non-profit organizations, businesses, cities, states, and national governments make evidence-based policy decisions. We analyze data; develop implementation plans; tailor models to the specific needs of the organizations we are working with; monitor progress; and help interpret results.


For some initiatives, we combine research and policy work with strong and carefully planned advocacy campaigns. We design innovative policy solutions, build coalitions and help diverse stakeholders find common ground. Pew experts regularly testify about critical issues before Congress, state legislatures, and international bodies, and help bring credible voices into policy debates.